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Row2Recovery Press release 25th January 2012


Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – Day 51 – Mission accomplished

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II today sent a message of support to the Row2Recovery crew as they crossed the finish line following an epic 3000 mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean in a 29ft rowing boat.

Her Majesty said: “Please convey my warm thanks to all the members of the Row2Recovery team on the occasion of them reaching the end of their row across the Atlantic, in aid of injured soldiers and their families.

“I heard of the trials and tribulations on your journey and, in return, I send my good wishes to you all for the successful completion of the challenge.”

As they approached the finish line the crew also took the opportunity to telephone current patients and staff at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court, where four of crew spent time recovering from their own life-changing injuries suffered during service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

During the journey the crew experienced a series of technical difficulties including a broken auto-helm, a broken water de-salinator that left the crew rationing for 17 days until they received fresh water, a broken rudder, severe salt blisters and complications other around their injuries. One of the crew, above knee amputee Rory Mackenzie, spent Christmas Day removing shrapnel from his buttock.

On arrival at Port St Charles, Barbados, the ecstatic crew were welcomed by their loved ones and a huge crowd of locals keen to lend their support for this extraordinary campaign.

After the crew’s first substantial meal since leaving La Gomera in the Canary Islands on December 5th, Lt Will Dixon, who lost his lower leg in an IED blast in December 2009, said: “It’s been an incredible journey. But what has driven us on is the thought of those who have fallen and been severely injured.

“We hope to have inspired some of them by proving it is possible to achieve extraordinary things after injury.”

“Our primary mission has always been to raise £1m to help injured servicemen and their families, and we are hugely appreciative of the public support we have received.”

The crew will now spend time relaxing with their loved ones in Barbados and attending functions organised by local supporters, before flying back to the UK in early February.

Row2Recovery founder Ed Janvrin said: “Our mission will really be complete when we hit £1million.”

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